Chetan's (Pranay's uncle's) visit. - 21/09/2013
   A truly eventful day. We visited the 'Overseas Chinese Town (OCT)' and the 'Window of the
   World' with a metro ride in between.  

   Lunch at Ajisen Ramen. - 21/09/2013
    Crispy prawns, kimchi, octopus balls and two wonderful big bowls of hot noodles with some
    milk tea!


  Mid-Autumn Festival. - 19/09/2013

   The mid-autumn festival is a harvest festival which takes place on the full moon day in mid-
   autumn. Celebrations include eating mooncakes, carrying lanterns and worshipping the moon.
   Here is what wiki says about it.

   We took a stroll in the evening, enjoying the music, lights and festive buzz in our neighbourhood.  


medical test

   Chinese medical examination. - 13/09/2013 

   The Medical Machine: 
   The medical test we undertook for our work permit applications. Everything including lab, x-ray and
   physical tests in under 45 mins.! This was the most efficient, well managed and systematic clinic
   experience we have ever had. It was a unique atmosphere with everyone there (including the 
   patients) happy and cheerful.  




  Just another day at GFA. - 09/09/2013
   Our day begins with everyone sharing breakfast. Then we settle into our places for work. The vibe
   here is great, with a lot of action and conversation.