Happy birthday Nikita!. - 28/10/2013


   Exploring Si Hai. - 26/10/2013

   Nestled between the tall buildings and the hustle of the city is 'Si Hai' park. Tranquil, serene
   and very peaceful. We spent Saturday morning here, with our friends, capturing the sights.

  Dancing with the grannies. - 26/10/2013
   Every morning these enthusiastic young women spend time practicing their elegant routine.
   Here are a few pictures. 

   At the beach. - 10/10/2013

   We spent the last day of our 'National day' holiday week, in the relaxed and refreshing 
   atomsphere of Dameisha beach. An hours ride from where we live, its a pleasant place with a 
   sea-shore, resort-town feel.