Chinese New Year. - 31/01/2014 

   It's the year of the horse! The entire city was in a deep slumber during this holiday season, but as 
   new year's eve approached, the celebrations began. Decorations, lanterns, red streamers and   
   sweet treats were everywhere. The fireworks went long into the night to mark the beginning of the 
   spring season.     

    In house hair styling. - 23/01/2014

    Nikita's first experiment turned out quite successful.

    Hot pot lunch. - 20/01/2014
    Schezwan style hot pot with everyone from the studio. It's a really fun way of enjoying food at the
    table. A metal pot with simmering stock is kept at the center. Ingredients like sliced meat, leaf
    vegetables, mushrooms and wontons are placed in it to be cooked.

   Family fun. - 17/01/2014

    Here are a few memorable moments from my (Pranay's) mother's and grandparent's visit to the 

    Day 1. - Welcome to Shenzhen.

    Day 2. - The folk village.

    Day 3. - The park.