Fists of fury. - 27/06/2014
   Some serious focus and board smacking action, at the Taekwondo belt testing event

    Oil paining village. - 27/06/2014

    Dafen is a suburb of Shenzhen, with a population of resident artists specializing in creating 
    replicas and original paintings. We explored the decorated streets and the various shops selling a 
    variety of paintings and art supplies.

    HanNaShan Korean BBQ . - 19/06/2014

    We tried a local Korean restaurant this Thursday, with Peter. Some delicious Kimchi, pancakes 
    and noodles! ;) 

    Perfect grade, perfect gift!. - 10/05/2014
    Here's my (Pranay) awesome birthday gift, the magnificent 'Gundam Astray - Red Frame'! It
    was super exciting opening this big box, which comes with a construction manual, comic,  
    model history book and all the parts . Constructing all the minute and detailed parts was quite a
    complicated process, but seeing the mechanism move with perfect grace at the end was a
    really fascinating experience. A few pictures of our first Gunpla model...Peter who's an avid fan
    of these collectibles came over with 3 of his own models to shoot some cool pictures!